About Us


“Everything changes when you go from me to, to we.”  ~ John Maxwell

Working with companies and individuals to optimize effectiveness, communication, competence, organizational health and growth, as well as leadership and management development.  We develop high potential leaders and managers or teach techniques to bring a low performing individual to become a more effective leader, communicator, conflict resolution manager and develop a greater sense of self-awareness that creates an atmosphere for other awareness. Coaches in these areas: Brain Health & Wellness, Youth Coaching, Collaboration and Communication, Life Purpose & Clarity, Trauma Crisis, Sales Strategies, Veteran Strategies, Financial Freedom, and Health.


Meet our Coaches

Monica Sigmund

Cofounder, Youth Coach

I believe God’s plan for me is to bring awareness to those living without mental illness along with comfort to those living with mental illness. My husband and I have two amazing daughters. My passion is in listening to others and helping them use the skills and abilities they possess to dare greatly.

Kelly Milliron

Trauma & Crisis Advocate

I believe that my God given purpose is to be an advocate for innocent children; to bring awareness of the ever-growing issue of sex trafficking. Not just world-wide but in the U.S. as well. Through educating communities, through webinars, zoom & live. My heart is also in helping the Native Americans discovering ways to connect programs & workshops to show them how to invest in themselves.

Diane Corica

Financial & Natural Health Coach

I have a passion for financial AND natural health! I am an experienced wellness coach and mentor helping hundreds of people make wise choices for their health using essential oils and other natural resources.I instruct others in natural alternatives as they work with their doctors toward health.I help others to free themselves from the toxins in their homes by using natural cleaning and air-quality products.

Services Offered

Individual & Group Coaching
Workshops ● Book Clubs
Mindset Mastery
Turning Point
DISC Personality Assessments
Grief Support
Sales Communication
Growth ● Development
Conscious Awareness
Veterans Assist
Team Building ● Leadership Trainings
Biblical ● Purpose
Suicide Prevention and Awareness



Key Connections Coaching Team is a community outreach organization, bringing the Hope of Christ to communities and adding value to the lives of others.  We focus on empowering and adding value to people within the community by facilitating Life Skill trainings and teachings, through round-table discussions, workshops and community speaking. We are committed to developing, supporting, and enhancing a well -rounded, healthy and flourishing community.

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Partnering with individuals to reach the community by equipping them with tools for personal growth and quality life.


We offer the hope of Christ while adding value to the lives of those we partner with.From interactive groups to individual relationships, we walk alongside as you work to achieve your goals.Our team is made up of individuals who offer a wide range of expertise.